About Us


Mountain Spring Water is collected at our own, protected/secure, exclusively controlled natural spring from Mount Woodside, near Harrison in the coastal mountains of B.C.

It's trucked in stainless steel tankers to our state of the art bottling plant in the lower mainland, where it's filtered and ozonized to ensure that it exceeds Health Canada quality and standards.

Unlike the reverse osmosis or distillation processes used by some water bottlers, our filtering doesn't strip the natural minerals from the water, which means our Mountain Spring Water has a rich, robust, natural taste - the way water used to taste.

To guarantee consistent quality, we test our water constantly with both our on-site staff and off-site independent inspectors. So you can be sure that it's pure.

Super natural British Columbia
"the best place on earth"

With our abundant natural resources in BC, why are people drinking reverse osmosis water or filtered water? These processes use tap water drawn from a municipal supply; water with chlorine and other chemical disinfectants added. We are Mountain Spring Water Company.

We provide pure, natural, refreshing spring water to businesses throughout the Lower Mainland. Spring water originates from an underground source; our exclusive private spring is located on Mount Woodside, near Harrison Hot Springs BC.

Indulge your clients, customers and employees with pure refreshing Mountain Spring Water. For more information call Mountain Spring Water Company at 604-539-1906.or email info@mountainspringwaterco.com

Pure, natural B.C. refreshment.