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Everyone knows water is essential to all living things and we are no exception. Health experts recommend we drink eight to ten 8oz glasses a day!


Canadian Food & Drug Regulations

Spring Water is federally regulated and must meet the following standards and criteria:

  1. Spring Water must originate from an underground source. Mountain Spring Water originates from our own private exclusive spring on Mount Woodside, near Harrison.
  2. Spring Water cannot be part of a municipal water supply. - Mountain Spring Water owns its own natural source.
  3. Spring Water must be fit for human consumption at the point of origin. - Our spring on Mount Woodside is audited annually by CBWA, (as is our bottling plant facility and each bottling run is further analyzed internally & independently off-site) and samples submitted to our regulatory authorities.
  4. Spring Water may not be subjected to any treatment that would modify its original composition. - Nothing is added to Mountain Spring Water: we think Mother Nature got it right.
  5. Spring Water may only be treated with carbon dioxide (for carbonation), fluoride (for dental concerns) and ozone (for disinfection during bottling). - Mountain Spring Water does not use carbon dioxide or fluoride. We do use ozone during the bottling process for disinfection purposes to inhibit growth of any possible microorganisms. Ozone is a weak gas that works as a very effective oxidizer that quickly breaks down into oxygen. Ozone gas does not alter the composition of the water in any way.
  6. In the case of Spring Water, the label is required to provide information regarding the geographic location of the underground source of water. There is currently no regulatory requirements that other types of bottled water declare the source of the water used for their manufacture. However, consumers can contact the bottled water manufacture for detailed information on the source. - Mountain Spring Water comes from our own exclusive private source at Mount Woodside, BC.

Spring Water is bunched into the "Bottled Water" category. Although it is a bottled product; there is a difference as per federal criteria. Spring Water is recognized as a superior product!

Multiple Use & Recycling

Our 18 litre bottles get refilled and reused many times in the bottles life-cycles. Similar to when you reuse the bags for your groceries, using a bottle many times is good for our environment. The deposit paid on the bottles also helps the cause; 99.9% of our bottles are returned. When a bottle is taken out of the cycle (average use just over 1 year), the bottles are sent to West Coast Recycling a local BC company that recycles many types of plastics. They ground up the bottles and recycle the plastic for other manufactured products (like cell phones).

High Safety & Quality Standards

Every feasible consideration has gone into providing our customers with the best tasting, purest water. We also want to assure our customers it is of the highest standards for safety and quality in the world. From Mount Woodside to your cooler, our water is tested and analyzed. This is done internally by our devoted quality specialist and independently by outside laboratories and audits. We are a proud member of the following organizations to assure you of this:

Canadian Bottled Water Association
The CBWA works with regulatory bodies across Canada and internationally, dedicated to making Canadian bottled water the best in the world. CBWA has developed standards and performs unannounced third party conformity assessments. This covers all areas of the operation from source to finished product and all points in between.

International Bottled Water Association
The IBWA has mandatory standards that are of the highest international integrity. The IBWA employs a multi-barrier approach that builds in safety and quality control measures at every step in the path to market. They administrate an annual unannounced plant inspection, conducted by a recognized independent third party organization.

Water Quality Association
The WQA provides guidelines for applications of filtration systems and water treatment to ensure product quality and safety guidelines.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation
BBB Accreditation is an honour- and not every business is eligible. Businesses that meet the BBB standards are invited to join, then presented to the local Board of Directors for review and acceptance.

Mountain Spring Water Company has a BBB Rating of A+