Water Facts


Everyone knows water is essential to all living things and we are no exception. Health experts recommend we drink eight to ten 8oz glasses a day!


Bottled Water Specifications

All water is not the same. There are generally three types of bottled water consumed. They are: Spring Water, Reverse-Osmosis Water & Distilled Water.
Know the source, make THE NATURAL CHOICE

Only Spring Water

When we think of water we think of purity, oceans, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls. Water is part of nature and essential to life itself.

Spring Water comes from the earth and has naturally occurring minerals that are unique to each source. It is the minerals in Spring Water that give it its refreshing, crisp taste. These natural minerals also provide vital nutrients for your body's health and well-being.

Mountain Spring Water is dedicated to providing the most pure, natural source of water to our customers for their enjoyment. Spring Water is the only type of water we provide. Only Spring Water can provide the pure, crisp taste that you expect when quenching your thirst: it does your body good. Ultimate refreshment from Mother Nature herself; the natural choice.

Spring Water

Spring or "mineral" water must originate from an underground source. It must be naturally fit for human consumption and it cannot be subjected to any treatment that would modify the original chemical composition of the water. The only treatments permitted are carbonation, fluoridation and / or ozone.

Mountain Spring Water Only Sells Spring Water

Our water comes from our very own secure private spring on Mt. Woodside, BC. Like an estate winery, our water has its own unique, rich, robust, natural taste. We only add ozone to our water which acts as a disinfecting agent, ensuring the minerals are not stripped away. The water delivered to you tastes just like it does from the spring itself; pure natural, unadulterated refreshing water.